Large Employers in Rhode Island Who Are Hiring

Are you looking for work in Rhode Island?
From jobs in the medical field to the education sector, employers all over the Ocean State are hiring quality candidates. Here are some of the largest employers in Rhode Island who are hiring.

J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center – The J. ...
Jul 28 2016

How Introverts Can Act As Extroverts

Work is an excellent place to practice extroversion, even if you consider yourself an introvert. Perhaps you’ve always preferred being a bookworm to a social butterfly, and in the office you buckle down and shy away from chitchatting with your coworkers. ...
Jun 17 2016

4 Steps to Take After You Post Your Resume

Did you just post a resume on Here are four steps you should take after posting your resume.

Step 1: Search for real jobs from Rhode Island employers

Now that your resume is posted to, you can easily apply for the job opportunities that you are interested in. ...
May 24 2016

What Motivates You at Work? 4 Answers to This Interview Question

What motivates you at work? It’s an interview question you will be asked, and it’s a question you should ask yourself anyway.

How should you think about the question? How should you answer it?

Employers want employees who are self-motivated. ...
Apr 15 2016

6 Instant Reactions Recruiters Have When Looking at a Resume

Ever wonder what reaction a recruiter has to your resume? You’d be surprised to know that recruiters often have an instant reaction based on the information you present.

In this post we’ll pinpoint a few of those pieces of information so you can avoid eliciting the wrong recruiter reaction. ...
Mar 11 2016

7 Healthcare Career Options and Opportunities in Rhode Island has been serving the Rhode Island market for over 10 years, so we are in a unique position to monitor and report on the employment trends within the state.
We recently identified a few key trends based on jobs posted, searches performed by job seekers and other key metrics across a wide range of national and local job sites. ...
Feb 22 2016

4 Silly Resume Mistakes That Will Knock You Out of the Running | Jobs in RI

There are plenty of silly resume mistakes that can adversely impact an application. Make sure to avoid these simple ones to put your best foot forward on your resume.

No Contact Info, or Inaccurate Contact Info

Bill Lee has reviewed over 500,000 resumes in his 30+ years working in employment related roles. ...
Jan 22 2016

The Ultimate Email Meeting Template

The Ultimate Email Meeting Template

When I was 22, I decided to travel across the country in an RV to conduct informational interviews with people I identified as “successful.” I made a master list of people I wanted to meet and places I wanted to go, and set off on the road for 4 months to interview 300+ people about their career paths. ...
Dec 23 2015

Protect Yourself Online

JobsInRI is dedicated to helping job seekers and employers connect, and we do our best to ensure that only real, local jobs are posted on the site. However, job seekers should take precautions when posting a resume or responding to job offers – on JobsInRI and any other job site. ...
Sep 30 2015

Six Steps to Succeed at College Career Fairs

Six Steps to Succeed at College Career Fairs
By Steven Porter,
Spring means flowers, green grass and warmer weather. Just before seniors get ready to graduate, there's another big spring event to prepare for - the college career fair. ...
Jan 20 2015