Protect Yourself Online

JobsInRI is dedicated to helping job seekers and employers connect, and we do our best to ensure that only real, local jobs are posted on the site. However, job seekers should take precautions when posting a resume or responding to job offers – on JobsInRI and any other job site. ...
Sep 30 2015

Be Ready for These Five Interview 'Risk' Questions

Be Ready for These Five Interview 'Risk' Questions By Margaret Hansen,
photoWhat's Your Risk Tolerance?
In a recent poll, 86 percent of our respondents told us that they would prefer a job with a medium salary and a medium profile in exchange for some on-the-job pressure. ...
Jan 20 2015

Pros Must Follow the Same Job Search Rules: Learn the Three Components

By Judi Perkins,
photoSame Rules Apply
Losing a job isn't comfortable for anyone, but the further up the ladder you are, the harder it hits home. Visualize a pyramid. The higher up you go, the fewer positions exist. ...
Jan 20 2015

Six Steps to Succeed at College Career Fairs

Six Steps to Succeed at College Career Fairs
By Steven Porter,
Spring means flowers, green grass and warmer weather. Just before seniors get ready to graduate, there's another big spring event to prepare for - the college career fair. ...
Jan 20 2015

Baby Boomer Trends That Can Impact Job Seekers Today

The post World War II Baby Boom Generation, also known as "Baby Boomers," has always had a significant impact on the economy due to their sheer numbers. More than 75 million Americans are in this group - meaning they fall between the ages of 46 and 64.
Our Data
According to a recent JobsInRI. ...
Jan 2 2015